Celebrate Midlife
Strong. Healthy. Happy

A Science Backed Approach To Staying Young
Claire & James Davis help men and women overcome the challenges of midlife through physical, mental and emotional mentoring

Have you lost sight of what’s important? Is your physical health and quality of life suffering? Are you lacking confidence and wish you felt more comfortable in your own skin? Do you feel stuck but desperately want to regain control and consciously direct your life?


A complete transformation programme tailored for mid life.

FIVE Pillars Of Sustainable Change


An amazing, fun, inspiring (& exhausting) experience with the wonderful and enthusiastic Claire & James!

The fitness sessions themselves were fantastic.  James and Claire really maximised the time to ensure we were exposed to a variety of different exercises and options that we could then take away and repeat ourselves at home. They were also very enthusiastic and great at motivating us. They really did make exercising about as fun as it can be!

Most importantly it is so evident that James and Claire are such a genuine and warm pair and their enthusiasm is highly infectious.

In short, I’d highly recommend!


James and Claire have an inspiring level of energy, but their unique approach avoids fads and unsustainable diets and routines. Their focus is finding what works for you as an individual, and (crucially) what will result in sustainable and happy results for you personally. They tailor their approach to you individually. They’re so good at it that you don’t even realise that they’re pushing you beyond your limits to reach your best!

Highly recommended.

Chris & Allan

About the Midlife Method

Claire & James Davis are a midlife, award winning duo and owners of world renowned fitness brand Thirty Eight Degrees North and creators of the popular ‘The Midlife Mentors’ podcast.

The Midlife Method has been developed over the past 10 years – backed by years of research, experience and client transformations – that’s had a profound and lasting impact on the lives it’s touched.

The method promises strength and resilience in body, mind and emotional wellbeing– giving clients the ultimate step by step toolkit
they need to regain control, reduce stress and feel happy and healthy for a lifetime.

Claire & James continue to be a force of truth and integrity in the health and wellness industry – demystifying the fads, fake promises and pseudo science that plague our news feeds.

Press Quote

I left with a whole new exercise arsenal and the motivation to use it. Got me out of my workout rut and revived my attitude towards ‘wellness’ – pizza, wine and all. THE TELEGRAPH

Founders Claire and James are super-enthusiastic and will help you push yourself to your limit in a non-scary way. It’s almost impossible not to want to make some really positive changes to your lifestyle. HEAT

The Programme

Claire & James understand the unique pressures associated with being midlife and the negative implications it has on mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. Furthermore, they’ve spent years studying and the physiological changes in midlife and applying it to their exercise and nutrition programmes.

Midlife requires a different approach. Not a one size fits all. TMM is grounded in science and delivered in an easy to implement, balanced and realistic way.

The Midlife Method Experience

8 weeks, group environment (max 10)

1:1 on boarding to set goals and a vision for your new lifestyle

Accessible online, via any device

Midlife Method Exercise Plan for all levels & Midlife Method Meal Plan (vegetarian and vegan offered)

Online real time workouts with Claire & James

Weekly group mentoring call on implementing the Midlife Method and address challenges

Weekly tools to achieve success

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The Benefits

Ability to deal with stress

Confidence to manage your emotions

Improved fitness and muscle tone

Strength and confidence will soar

A boosted metabolism and more efficient at burning fat

Greater energy, increased performance and ability to concentrate

Freedom from restrictive diets, fads and false promises

A healthy relationship with food

A greater respect for your body

Improved self image and focus for the future