Fitness Trends

Each year brings us new fitness trends and 2014 is no different. Our fitness holidays in the sun have incorporated the tried & tested methods to help you get fit and loss weight. So, will you be hitting the barre, muddy running or doing some kickass kickboxing in 2014? Find something you love & work out smarter. Here’s a heads up of some things to try, and our favourites at 38 Degrees North Ibiza. HIIT Training We’re all pushed for time and why spend more time in the gym than we need to? Step forward Professor Tabata from Japan, who found that alternating 20 seconds of intense exercise with 10 seconds of rest or gentle exercise, boosted cardio-vascular performance.

The 2014 version of HIIT training often involves full body circuits with periods of flat out exertion interspersed with very short rest periods. Not only will this type of exercise boost your cardio abilities, it will also burn fat by boosting your metabolic rate and keep you burning calories for 12 hours after you’ve stopped exercising.

You can find HIIT training in our circuits sessions to max out the fat burning capabilities of our clients’ bodies. Think the ultimate bootcamp holiday with a lots luxury and no shouting! Functional Training Better known as Cross Fit, it’s likened to special forces training: it’s great having 32 inch biceps, but can you still run 5km in under 30 minutes? Functional training is all about boosting your overall fitness with a variety of exercises designed to boost your cardio fitness, aerobic and anaerobic ability, plus strength and muscle definition. The idea is to replicate everyday moves (well everyday if you are a special forces operative) and work with your body’s natural range of movement. Equipment mind expect lots of bodyweight training, plus ropes, sand bags, suspension trainers and kettlebells. Join us on the beach as we throw the sandbags around, hook up suspension training rigs in the trees and get legs and lungs burning with shuttle sprints. Fusion Training These days we’re all great at multi-tasking (think updating your status whilst watching on-demand TV and replying to an email), so multi-task fitness is in too. Look out for a whole raft of classes combining different exercise types and disciplines: suspension yoga, aqua boxing, spinning and psychology. Kick Ass Kickboxing is our spin, kickboxing techniques plus aerobic moves for a high energy workout from our Gold-Medalist Kickboxer. Barre This takes its cue from classical ballet, but don’t worry, tutus are optional. Named after the waist height wooden bar that runs along the walls of ballet studios, Barre classes combine ballet moves with aerobic exercises, isometric contractions and pounding electronic dance music. Swan Lake is out, Swedish House Mafia are in as you get a workout that will not only boost your metabolism, burn fat, and craft you lean muscles, by help align your posture too. This year we’ve launched Power Ballet, combining classical ballet moves to strength and lengthen muscles with a modern dance routine for a fun, but challenging workout. Outdoor Challenges We all like a challenge, at least that’s what the stats on outdoor obstacle racing say. Events like Rat Race and Tough Mudder would have been hard to find a few years ago. These days it seems theres no shortage of people willing to crawl through mud, scale walls and swim through rivers in pursuit of a good time. With us you can experience coastal runs, SUP safaris and the Formentera half marathon…no mud, but plenty of soft white sand and azure seas. Our Fitness holidays are designed with plenty of variety, challenges & luxury.

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