From City To Sanity: Our First Ibiza Retreat of 2014

It was back to Ibiza with a bang for Easter as the 38ºN team set sail from the UK and headed across Spain back to Ibiza’s sunny embrace. Our first Optimal Fitness retreat ran over the Easter break and we were blessed not only with clear skies, glorious sunshine and sparkling seas, but a fantastic group of people.Easter turned out to be so popular we actually ran two groups simultaneously which created a lot of team camaraderie and friendly competition. We kicked off with an early morning fitness test in the shade of the woods overlooking the sea, and what a fit bunch we turned out to have. Then it was into training proper, with beach circuits, outdoor boxing, strength circuits, boxing, kickboxing, TRX, mountain biking and a cliff top hike with stunning views of Es Vedra and a refreshing sea swim that almost everyone indulged in. We ended the week with a day at the Beach Stand Up PaddleBoarding.We always stress that it’s how you feel at the end that counts, and everyone agreed that they felt much fitter, more relaxed, and less stressed than when they arrived. Results count  to though, and on the final day everyone managed to smash their fitness test scores, and many lost significant amounts of body fat in just a week of training. One client who opted for our Optimal Weight Loss package (the fitness week but with additional slimming treatments like cavitation) lost over 2kg of body fat!One client, who works 70 hours a week said that he loved being with like-minded people and by keeping active he was able to give his mind a much-needed rest. Others said it was their “best holiday ever”, that we “exceeded their expectations”, and that they will come back!The most rewarding thing for us as a team is seeing people leave with smiles on their faces. We hope to see you again, and we look forward to welcoming our next clients to Ibiza for a fabulous week of fitness in the sun.

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