HIIT Up Your Training

While it’s good to have variety in your training it’s possible to get a good workout in a little as 30 minutes using high intensity interval training (HIIT) techniques, and you don’t even need a gym or equipment, just a stop watch.If you are pushed for time a full body circuit three times a week will soon have you on the fast track to stripping fat, toning muscle and building your cardiovascular fitness. Simply select eight to ten bodyweight exercises such as squat jumps, press ups, crunches, lunges etc, and get set in your head the order you’re going to do them (or even write the exercises down on cards and scatter them around your training area). Warm up for a few minutes then grab your stopwatch and aim to complete one minute of each exercise, before moving straight to the next without stopping. At the end of the circuit rest for two to four minutes to allow your heart rate to come down, then repeat one or two more times depending on your fitness levels. Overloading your muscles with the repetitions will tone them up, you heart and lungs will get a decent workout, and the interval (letting your heart rate go up and down) will boost your metabolism for up to 24 hours after you finish exercising. Change the exercises around regularly and play around with the working set time – try 30, 40, or 20 seconds but when you go shorter in time, up the intensity of your workout. When you’ve finished, cool down and stretch, as flexibility is also really important. Follow this and you’ll notice your body changing for the better in just a few weeks, and at just 30 minutes per workout, there really are no excuses. As with all exercise check with your doctor first though… By working out smarter you can get great results in a short time, remember, intensity is your friend!

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