Up Close & Personal With Head Trainer Faye Maloney

What is your background and experience? I grew up strongly influenced by dance. My three aunties had a dance school, from the age of three I was up on the stage performing and winning medals. It gave me the opportunity to become something and the skill to be a physical artist. However it was not till I moved to London when I was seventeen to go to drama school for three years that I came across kickboxing. Turning up to my first class I was fortunate enough to be taught by the British team coach and inspired by two female British champions. I was hooked from that the day on. I was selected to represent Great Britain at the world championships in Paris in 2003 and fought with the British team for six years winning two British championships and competing in many more European and World championships. I was determined to be the best I could. Kickboxing made me feel completely fulfilled. I received my black belt in 2009 after lots of well deserved training. I qualified as a personal trainer at Premier training in 2005 and worked for them assessing students on their personal trainer courses which gave me a great passion in helping others to achieve their goal. Why is Ibiza such a special place to train on a luxury fitness? Ibiza is a unique Island  it’s a great place to train and develop your fitness, you can disconnect from outside world it gives you the freedom to concentrate on yourself and who you want to be. There are no boundaries between people here everything lives in peace. You’re surrounded by the beauty of the Island and it’s environment. Training outdoors feels amazing – you’re in paradise. What core values and beliefs do you promote for the fitness experience? I’m devoted to fusing passion and mind full precision with balance and finding an athletic potential in every individual. Every technique should be safe and effective. Fitness results takes patience precision and time. How have you used your life experiences to fulfil your role as a guide, trainer and mentor? Teaching is an art it requires a sensitive mind, to understand each student  and not to forget the dedication it took for me to have these skills. Over my years of training it has empowered all areas of my life. I can aim to pass this on to each individual in time, with consistency , your body becomes stronger, healthier leaving you with endless possibility’s when you feel and look good. How do your holidays differ from the traditional bootcamp? 38 Degrees North is all about creating balance in your life. We have people who come and try a whole new experience with us and take that away with them continuing there practice when they get home. The whole holiday is about variety. Everyone at 38 Degrees North has a personal journey to kickstart a whole new lifestyle and transform themselves. We like to focus on correct technique  so that you get the best out of each session. We are all about quality not quantity. It’s about connecting with each of our clients and getting the best out of them. Some people might find the idea of a fitness holiday intimidating. What would be your advice to them? With the experience of life sometimes the most challenging things can be the most rewarding, so with that in mind we do challenge our clients but at their own pace that is suitable and rewarding to them. Can you tell us a little bit more about a typical day on a fitness holiday? A typical day on a 38 Degrees North retreat is like this: we might start the day with beach circuits looking over crystal blue waters. Feeling ready for the day ahead we head up to the roof terrace of Aquas de Ibiza to do yoga with it’s panoramic view it breath taking. Go for lunch on the marina with it’s picture postcard views. In the afternoon we go on a hike to the north east of the island to the Tanit caves and learn more about the history of Ibiza. To finish the day we have something like a Pilate class based on core and alignment. There’s then the opportunity to take full advantage of the spa to soothe aching muscles and kickback in the jet pools. What is the best form of motivation to have whilst exercising? Set clear goals that include clear milestones and as you progress towards your goal you’ll find a ripple affect occurs and things fall into place in your work, home life and health. By nature, humans need to change and variety to stay motivated. We also need to have fun even while working hard. Find variety of exercises that suit you and that enjoy. Please share with us your top tips for leading a healthy lifestyle For me to lead a healthy lifestyle 70 percent is nutrition and 30 percent is exercise. Drink plenty of water, get enough sleep. Exercise, movement is life. Try and exercise every day even if that’s walking 30 minutes every day or doing yoga to start your day. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. Most of all love yourself and value who you are.

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