We’re Back!

People often ask us what Ibiza is like during winter, well, we spent some time in the UK and some of the team stayed here. On a bad day it’s around 10 degrees with wind and rain, on a good day it can hit 18 degrees with sunshine. We travelled back overland with lots of training goodies, and after driving from Santander to Valencia it was on board the overnight ferry to Ibiza. This year the ferry is kitted out with an open air (beer sponsored) lounge – think astro turf, distressed wood furniture and a DJ booth, in fact, beach club on a boat. Sadly, at this time of year, rather than being filled with bright young things dancing under the stars, it was home to truckers chain smoking and chugging back beers, but if you’ve ever fancied coming to the island by sea, maybe you could try this route in the summer? We arrived at 5am, so after unpacking the car, we were in time to see our first sunrise of 2015 in Ibiza. After that, it was into the gym to set up some of our new equipment, and of course train (it takes more than 48 hours travelling to stop us training!). One of the joys of the island out of season is that it’s largely empty, so our early morning run along the coastline this morning was devoid of people: we had beaches to ourselves, and after running in the UK muffled up in hats and gloves it was great to be back running in a t-shirt beside the sparkling sea. This weekend there’s town festivities, and on Sunday a group hike followed by Sunday roast, so you can see, there’s still a good social scene here in Ibiza, even in winter. We can’t wait for you join us, remember we start up at the beginning of April with the first Optimal Fitness of the year, we look forward to seeing you.

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