Ibiza Walking

Winter is a great time for catching up with friends here on the island and doing activities like going on group walks. Ibiza is looking beautiful right now, very green and all the flowers are out and the almond trees are blossoming. Throw in blue skies and sunshine and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a Sunday walk in the countryside. We always include a hike on our Optimal Fitness & Weight Loss Retreats, so if you join us this summer, you’ll get to see some hidden parts of the island too. Walking is a great way to break the ice and chat with friends, and the beauty of the island and stunning views can’t help but inspire you. Prolonged low intensity exercise like a hike is also a great way to burn off fat, though in winter, we like to finish with a roast, which isn’t so healthy, but is a lot of fun. If you can, get out into the countryside wherever you are and appreciate nature the next chance you get, and we hope to see you in Ibiza on one of our hikes soon. If you’re interested in joining us, drop us an email at info@thirtyeightdegreesnorth.com

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