Surf’s Up! SUP Ibiza & SUP Yoga

We were blessed with a small spring swell the other day and it was great to see surfers and stand up paddle boarders out enjoying the waves. On our Optimal Fitness and Optimal Weight Loss a SUP session is included, and you can opt for one on our Bespoke Fitness breaks. Surprisingly easy to learn, SUP give your entire body a great workout: your legs are balancing and bracing, the shoulders, back, arms and chest are working with the paddling, and your core is stabilising and supporting all of it. It’s a fab core workout and when you paddle hard you can really feel your abs and obliques working! Not only that it’s a great way to get out on the water and get a different perspective of the island. Paddle hard and it’s a tough workout, take it easy, and once you’ve found your balance it’s surprisingly relaxing.For those that like to be challenged there’s always the option of throwing in some SUP yoga… Join us this summer for some SUP, we love it, you will too. If you’re interested in joining us drop us an email to find out more.

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