38N 5 Minute Meal

Srambled Salmon Here at 38N the training team often find themselves pushed for time when it comes to slotting refuelling in around training. This week was no exception, with an Optimal Fitness group in full flow and coordinating 2016 plans it was a case of “what’s in the fridge”. Well here’s what we came up with for a tasty, amino acid, healthy fats packed meal that was ready in minutes (we’re claiming 5, but allow 7 -8). Okay, get a frying pan onto a medium heat, dash of virgin coconut oil, then crack in 3 free range eggs and a splash of coconut milk and stir to scramble. While that’s doing quickly dice a tomato, an avocado and some smoked salmon. Whack them in with a pinch of chilli and cumin and stir until the eggs are cooked, then add fresh spinach until it wilts. Ground black pepper to finish and there you go. For an extra tasty finish chop some fresh corriander and add it, we would of, but we didn’t have any. Simple, nutritious, delicious!

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