38N Team Update

For the first time this year we decided to take a break from our Ibiza retreats over August. Running retreats is pretty intensive on the team, and we’re so busy from April onwards that we felt August was a good time to give everyone a well deserved rest. It also means they can actually enjoy the island and come back refreshed for what’s often our busiest time of year; September and October.

So what do the team get up to off the clock? Well as always, Rob has been training furiously trying to better his own bleep test time on a weekly basis, as well as training private clients. Anna and Kate have kept running yoga and Pilates sessions for our local members and hotel guests, Shankara’s out paddling and Peets is training private clients. So life in Ibiza is as busy as ever!

Meanwhile Claire and James headed to the UK, not only to catch up with friends and family, but it seems to try out as many different gyms as possible! There’s been an old school body building gym in Dartford, a small local gym in the Scilly Isles, the Primrose Hill Park outdoor gym (plus hill sprints on the hill), and of course Kickboxing at Shoreditch House with Faye Maloney!

Admittedly it’s been great to have some holiday time. But next up is the stunning market town of Ludlow where we’re ready for some serious ‘heads down’ work – focusing on exciting new projects and plans to take 38ºN to the next level. Look out for the launch of our sister brand, plus new retreat locations and plenty more training tips (oh and possibly some cocktails along the way!)

It’s been great training in different environments. You can sometimes get stagnant so the new locations have provided a fresh approach. What do you do without a squat rack or Olympic bar?! Or no functional equipment whatsoever?! No panic. You just adapt and figure out what you can do with what’s available, which really helps us find new and imaginative elements to incorporate into our retreats. Just like life, it’s all about having a flexible approach, so we’ve hefted monster plate loaded weights machines, gone low on a hack squat, swung off bars and jumped on benches in outdoor parks and got lost finding new running routes. And by the way – check out our holiday fitness tips for how to train while you’re away.

We’ll be back in Ibiza with all the team from the beginning of September and our first Optimal Fitness starts from the 4th. Hotel rooms are already sold out but we have Jr Suites available, or else come on a non-residential basis and stay next door at Sol Beach House. Do check out the Retreats Calendar as we’ve got 6 weeks left in Ibiza for 2016, with Optimal Fitness, Body:ReSet, DNA Fitness and SUP Yoga & Pilates.

Then it’s off to Marbella for a very special Puente Romano Optimal Fitness Retreat, followed by something very very special we’re still working on….

Have a great August and we’ll be in touch at the end of the month.

Enjoy your training and have fun. Balance is key – extremes are not!

We hope to see you soon in Ibiza or Marbella soon!

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