Holiday Fitness Tips

  • Get into your routine early. It might be tempting to flop straight onto the sun lounger (it is your holiday after all) but don’t leave it too late into your break to start training. One day will lead to another and before you know it you’ll be packing to leave without having broken a sweat. Do something on day one, even if it’s just a short run, swim or gym session.
  • Look for local facilities, and use them. Focus on what you do have, not what you don’t. If you’re hotel gym is basic use your imagination and throw in body weight moves. If there’s no gym, find running routes, make up a body weight circuit, swim or just take the family for a walk.
  • Find a time that works. If you’re away with mates or family, work out when they might want to join you, or else pick a time when it will have least impact on everyone else. Our suggestion, get up a little earlier, train, and meet the rest of your gang for breakfast.
  • Take the stairs. If your hotel has lifts, try taking the stairs instead for a little boost.
  • Watch the buffet. A massive food spread may look great, but multiple trips to refill will give you a different kind of spread… try to go for lean proteins and leafy greens first – they’ll fill you up and hopefully that cheesecake won’t look quite so appealing.
  • Buy some fruit. Get into the habit of carrying some fruit around with you in case you get the nibbles. Much healthier than a bag of crisps. Or that bowl of chips…
  • Booze brilliantly by picking clear spirits like gin or vodka with soda water and lemon or lime, or low calorie tonic. Less calories and less of a heavy head in the morning. Pina Colada’s look good and taste great, but a combination of cream, fruit, rum will have your calorie dial turned right up to 11. Avoid the fancy cocktails and keep it simple.
  • Less is more. Some exercise is better than none at all, even a 4 minute Tabata will help, so download a Tabata app and punch out squat jumps, press ups, whatever takes your fancy. It’s only 4 minutes, why not do it twice?
  • Go local, loads of hotels and resorts have fitness activities these days, ranging from aqua aerobics, to yoga, to circuits and more. Get involved and try something different.
  • Have fun! It’s your holidays and life’s about balance, so keep moving but remember to have a good time too.
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