Changing With The Seasons: Keeping Motivated At The Gym This Autumn

Getting started is the easy bit – especially with the promise of Summer. But keeping motivated can be tough as we hit a seasonal shift.

Here are some tips that we live by to stop our focus waining when all we want to do is curl up and hibernate!

  • Have clear goals – are you hitting the gym to lose weight, to tone up, to add some muscle, to get fitter? Even just to look better (be honest), make sure you have a clear goal like dropping a dress size, smashing a new time for a run/bike/row, a personal best on a max lift or just looking super hot with your clothes off – get clear and you’ll be more motivated towards hitting it.
  • Have a workout plan – if you plan to just turn up and do ‘something’, when you get to the gym, you’ll soon falter. Take the time to create an organised workout plan so you know what you’re doing each session. It’ll keep you enthused and on track.
  • Train with a buddy if you can – basic psychology, if you publicly commit to something, you’re more likely to stick to it, so get yourself a training partner. You won’t want to let them down and you’ll motivate each other – imagine shouting ‘one more rep’!
  • Schedule your gym time – put your training time in your diary – this is the thing you do for you – so schedule it – if you share your calendar other people can see it and schedule around it. Commit!
  • Do something you enjoy! This might sound obvious, but you’ll be more motivated to do something you actually love doing – find the workout that works for you – it might be weights, it might be a class, it might be running, but doing what you enjoy is important.
  • Consider some tech – having a fitness tracker can provide extra impetus for you. But a warning – don’t take it as gospel. It’s a training aid, not the be all and end all, so think of it as your virtual nagger – if you haven’t hit your goals it will let you know.
  • Mix it up – lets be honest, no matter how much you love something, doing it over and over can get dull. Plus your body adapts to training faster than you’d think. Variety is the spice of life – change up your routine or workout every six to eight weeks.
  • Check in with yourself – see point 1 – how are you heading towards your goals? If you’re on track  – great! If you’re not, then time to push it that bit harder.
  • Train even when you’re not feeling it – we all have days when we just don’t feel like hitting the gym, but you always feel better after training. It’s a proven mood elevator, plus you’re building a healthy lifestyle habit. Note, if you are ill or injured this doesn’t apply! But if you’re otherwise good to go, then go – you’ll thank yourself after.
  • Build in rewards – balance is one of our most important philosophies. Life is to be enjoyed – celebrate your achievements with whatever floats your boat: a drink, some cake, a new bikini – you’ve earned it. Just be sensible about the foody treats!
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