Exercise & Activity Tips For Better Sleeping And Less Stress

Stressed out? Or trouble sleeping? The two are often linked, but exercise can help with both, here are our top tips:

Train at the right time and intensity. Yep, high intensity training can tire you out, but leaving the gym with your lungs, heart and hormones pumping will not help you sleep. If you’re struggling to get off at night no high intensity after 4pm as it can raise you arousal state – for evening workouts think stretching, yoga, meditation.

Get some exercise. If you’ve got a sedentary job or lifestyle you’re going to benefit from moving your muscles and burning some calories. Even if it’s only a long walk, start building 30 minutes exercise a day into your life and reap the sleep benefits.

To relieve stress balance high intensity that gets your heart racing with more mindful and relaxing practices like yoga or meditation. Find the balance of both that works for you.

Schedule your gym time – put your training time in your diary – this is the thing you do for you – so schedule it – if you share your calendar other people can see it and schedule around it. This will take the stress out of finding time for you.

Do something you enjoy! This might sound obvious, but you’ll be more motivated to do something you actually love doing – find the workout that works for you – it might be weights, it might be a class, it might be running, but doing what you enjoy is important, and having a smile is proven to reduce stress levels…

Get technical – many fitness trackers will give you feedback on the quality and state of your sleep – you may be surprised. Once you understand what’s happening with your body, you can take action.

Get some air. Training outdoors exposes you to natural light (even on rainy days) raising your Vitamin D levels and the feel good factor – aim to train outside at least once a week.

Check your diet – start keeping a food diary for at least a week and notice if a poor nights sleep is caused by something you’ve eaten or drunk – you may be surprised.

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