Why choose us for your fitness holiday?

With a whole host of fitness holidays out there to choose from, why would you choose a 38ºN retreat?

  • We operate from world renowned luxury hotels in Ibiza and Marbella. Many fitness retreat companies use the villa format, which has its place. But when you join a 38N retreat, you won’t have to share a bathroom, a bedroom or stay in a posh tent. You can also have time alone – escape to your own bedroom, chill by the sea view pools and spend time exploring the local area. It simply means you get to choose when to socialize with the group, without being hemmed into a villa in the middle of nowhere.

  • Services you can expect are in room or onsite spa treatments, fluffy bathrobes and towels, a first class, knowledgably concierge service, award winning food, beachside location, free wifi, 24 hour room service, air-conditioning and extra free classes such as anti-gravity yoga and Body Balance.
  • Your hotel is close to amenities and this makes all the difference to our clients. You’ll have the piece of mind that you can explore the stunning white isle without jumping in a taxi, or walk to the local chemist, supermarket or shops.
  • We are just like you. Owners Claire & James spent over 14 years in the rat race in London. They know the lifestyle, the time pressures and stresses it creates. They’ve built the retreat programs around a simple premise – to educate people on how to incorporate fitness into ‘real’ life – in a holistic way. Think short, sharp, effective workouts that motivate, inspire and get results.

  • We’re original & authentic. We brought the luxury fitness retreat concept to Ibiza, back in 2012. We haven’t followed a trend, jumped on a bandwagon or cobbled something together with money as the aim. We started it and do it because we love it, and love sharing our passion for fitness, healthy living and a balanced life.
  • Claire & James aren’t young whipper snappers. James is in his forties and Claire is creeping towards it! They have to work to be in shape. But also have a lot of fun. Their philosophy is to show you how it can be done without being obsessive.
  • 38ºN does not advocate extremes of any sort. Balance is the key word. When it comes to health and wellness, denial often leads to unhealthy behavior. That’s why you’ll see very early on that 38ºN does not believe in fad diets or crazy levels of cardio every day.

  • We do not restrict your food when you’re with us. We give you healthy, delicious and filling breakfasts and lunches and educate you on making the right choices when you get home. We provide a nutritional workshop on every retreat, plus nuggets of info throughout your stay. We want you to leave us feeling confident about how to maintain a healthy attitude towards food.
  • We work you hard, but don’t put you through a grueling training program from sunrise to sunset. We create the perfect balance of high and low intensity sessions every day – think HIIT, suspension training and boxing – interspersed with workshops, yoga, Pilates, hikes in nature and pool chill time.
  • You can have fun – guilt free! Some clients rigidly stick to our program and meals – and some don’t. We will not judge. If you want a glass of wine – have one. If you want to miss out an early morning session – do it. We want you to love your time with us and that means something different for everyone.

  • You will get results but not just via training. Your body cannot be its best without your mind being on board. We give you motivational and mindset tools that ensure you increase your self confidence and self understanding. When the mind lets go and gets on board with what the body is trying to achieve, great things happen. Fat loss is frequent, as is a better body image.
  • We really are so much more than a fitness holiday. You’ll transform your body and mind when you choose to come on one of our retreats. You’ll reset, rebalance and not only look your best, but feel your best
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