DIETING – why it doesn’t work

We don’t agree with ‘diets’.

Maybe it’s because only 1 in 100 dieters actually keep the weight off. It’s a shocking statistic right? And pretty depressing.

But as fitness and wellbeing professionals it doesn’t really surprise us.

People embark on a weight loss program – be it just diet or diet and fitness and have absolutely NO idea how to create a sustainable long term transformation.

We are bombarded with images and testimonials of ‘how people’ did it – but no one talks about the above stat. That most people will slip right back to where they started – maybe worse (because they’re so disappointed in themselves – they think – why bother?)

That’s why Mindset, Motivation and Behavior Change is a cornerstone of every one of our retreats. We want you to transform your body – but most importantly, transform your mind – so you can get the ultimate body and KEEP it.

Apparently, the reasons most people ‘fail’ are:

  • Too little calories
  • Impatience at not seeing results quickly enough
  • Binge eating to restricting food and back again
  • Not exercising – just dieting
  • Thinking there’s a quick fix
  • Too little time to plan

We’ve trained thousands of clients in the past five years and the difference between the ones that really use their time with us to make long term changes and those that go home and slip back into the old routine – is summed up in one phrase:

They have an Empowered, No Excuses, Unstoppable Mindset.

These people know it’s going to be tough. They have the power to say ‘no’. They don’t let life get in the way. They find the time. They train when they don’t feel like it. They eat well even when their body cries out for chocolate. They know the goal.

There is no secret. There’s no quick, magic way of doing it. It takes a total mindset shift. Only then will it be sustainable – because you realise it’s a way of life to live well and make healthy choices. And you honour your body enough not to yo-yo diet.

If you’re looking for a toolkit that creates this focused shift – taking you from the unsustainable to the unstoppable – get in touch. We coach you on this stuff on every retreat we run. Plus we give you fast, effective ways to train and a solid grounding on making the right choices when it comes to food.

You’ll leave us honed, toned and full of confidence to stay that way for life.

Healthy, happy vibes,

Claire & James


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