New Year New You – Top Tips To Make It Happen

Need some help STARTING your fitness, health and wellness goals this January, and SUSTAINING them so you don’t become another statistic?

Here we reveal 5 things that will set you on the right track and have proven super useful to ourselves and our clients:

Decide you want to change – we mean really decide. Most people don’t do this. They dream big, but don’t actually become unstoppable in the achievement of their goal. You have to want it so badly that nothing will stand in your way. Decide now that this is YOUR year.

Set goals – but realistic ones. How are you going to spend an hour at the gym four times a week if it’s twenty minutes to get there and you normally work a 10 hour working day?! Look at your lifestyle and figure out what you CAN do. Setting unrealistic goals is the surest way to lead you to self loathing!

Break down the mountain. If you have a big goal (we hope you do!) – don’t look at the top of the mountain because you’ll get overwhelmed. Most brains can’t compute something it’s not achieved before. So write down three things you can do in the next two weeks and then the next two etc. Surprisingly these two week goals add up and then you’ll find yourself half way up the mountain and feeling amazing!

Think about the pain/ pleasure scenario and use it in situations that might derail you. Take a moment to think how you’ll feel if you’re in exactly the same place this time next year. How does it feel? What are your relationships like? Career? What are you wearing and doing? Horrible right? Imagine that feeling as a black ball somewhere in your body. Now breathe it out – forcefully. Now imagine you’ve achieved your goal this time next year. Again, what do you see in the mirror, how do you walk and talk, what is different? Now take a deep breathe in of white light – imagining all those visions as you do – let it fill your body. Bravo – so now when you’re at a choice point (don’t want to go to the gym at 6am, want to reach for a takeaway etc) – remember this and tap into that white light…

Take a look at your habits. Be aware of the triggers that may cause you to go in the opposite direction to your goal. Then spend some time having a think about what new helpful habits the healthier, happier version of you would have – and start to emulate them. But remember, new habits take a while to form – so be patient.

We hope that helps. One last point, you already have everything you need within in to make positive changes in your life, so why not start now?

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