Beat The Blues!

So this week is apparently the most depressing of the whole year. We get it – you may be low on funds, your body feels bloated and pooped, you’ve still not managed to curb the wine every evening and it’s cold and dark outside.


But guess what – that’s all about perspective. And you have the power to change it. Go against the grain and read the below – where we reveal three things to STOP and three things to START doing today that will make your tomorrow happier, healthier and more productive.

  • STOP
    Stop looking at your phone every two seconds. Focus on yourself, not on what everyone else is doing on Facebook (or CrackBook as people in the know call it!). Create headspace and limit outside influences. And try this – in your next meeting – before it gets started – instead of playing on your phone, put it away and chat to your colleagues. Ask questions. That’s how relationships are formed and you’ll be surprised where that can lead….
  • Stop berating yourself for not being good enough. This won’t get you anywhere – only on a downward spiral to a mediocre life. When you’re mean to yourself you hold yourself back. Today – make a conscious effort to notice those negative thoughts about yourself and switch to a more positive statement (see below of DO’s!)
  • Stop one habit that you know pulls you away from living a healthier lifestyle. Do that TODAY. Is it that chocolate biscuit or four after lunch at your desk, or is it always pressing snooze on your alarm instead of doing twenty minutes of exercise that sets you up for the day? Changing one thing really can make a huge difference to your mood, body image and productivity.


  • Eat a decent breakfast and take time over it! SO many people skip breakfast or eat it in a rush at their desk. There’s a huge amount of research right now about gut health and its link to our emotions. If you’re not nourishing your body as a priority in the morning, what kind of signal does that send out to your self worth? Also, eating breakfast fires up the metabolism, making you more effective at burning through fat and keeps you fuller for longer – hence less tendency to snack. Yes I know you’ve heard it before – but how about this time you actually do it?!
  • Write out a positive statement (or affirmation) that you can keep looking at easily – e.g on your bathroom mirror, in your purse or wallet, or as a screen saver on your phone. The trick is to take something that you normally tell yourself in a negative context and flip it around. For example, I never stick to anything – into – I capable of doing anything when I really decide to.
  • Read! Start reading again – if you don’t already. Read about health, wealth, success, habits, limiting beliefs. Anything that can help you grow as a person and become the version of yourself you know you can be. Research states that the wealthiest, most successful people on the planet read for 45 minutes to one hour (at least) a day. Go buy a book today or download one to your kindle or iPad.

Little changes become big leaps. You have to have a will to beat the January Blues, or become a great hockey player, or get that pay raise, get the degree. Whatever it is – your success starts in the mind and it’s ALL about perspective.

If you’d like to hang out with Claire and I learning the tips, tools and methodologies that keep us looking and feeling good in January and beyond – one of our Winter Sun Luxury Retreats at Puente Romano in Marbella could be just what you’re looking for.

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