Getting Triggered All The Time?

This one shift in thinking can honestly change your life.

It will…..

Lower anxiety.

Reduce frustration and anger.

Enable you to live with more peace.

This truth, when really acknowledged, is a total game changer.

The truth is this….

You cannot, regardless of how much you try, alter anyone else’s thinking, behaviour and actions.

Not your boss. Your partner. You parents. Your children. The person that pulled out in front of you on the way to work.

Neither can you alter circumstances outside of your control. The late bus. The rain. The economy.

The ONLY thing you can control is your reaction TO IT (OR THEM).

How you react is your choice. It’s your responsibility.

Will you choose to react with anger and force? Frustration and pain?

Or understand that the only one you’re truly hurting is yourself?

Those feelings are causing you stress and anxiety.

You may think you’re making a point. That your reaction is having the desired affect on the other person or situation.

But in truth….it’s you who suffers the greatest.

So…I ask you…

Are you going to CHOOSE to cause yourself anguish?

Or will you take your power of thought and reframe it.

Reframe it something like this…

“This feeling of anxiety and pain – trying to fix or control a situation or person outside of myself is not making me feel good.

The more I try, the more it hurts.

Therefore, I’m willing to acknowledge I can control my feelings and reactions.

Next time I’m triggered, I’ll remember this and take responsibility for trying to shift my feelings and reactions in a more positive direction.”

Being aware is always the first step to regaining your power.

Be gentle on yourself.

We’re all going to be triggered at points and it takes practice.

Be firm with your boundaries. But don’t seek to force others or situations. It’s exhausting and often futile.

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