I’ll Wait…

Yes I actually had someone say this to me recently, when discussing my mentoring programme.

The lady in question reached out as she’s tried every crash diet under the sun. She is unable to motivate herself and is completely confused about how to feel and look better.

She’s lethargic, overweight and miserable.

Most of us can relate to that feeling I’m sure.

When she said she’d wait until January – I was really saddened.

There were 9 weeks of 2019 left.

9 weeks where she will do absolutely nothing. Nothing will change. Except feel worse.

They’ll be no structure to her eating or exercise. They’ll be no accountability or support.

I’m not telling this story because I want to shame. It actually reminded me of times I’ve done the same.

Wanted something so badly. But couldn’t even get off the starting blocks.

And it has nothing to with the actual process. Or the person willing to take us to a better version of ourself.

It’s ALL about self worth and self respect.

This lady feared she would fail.

She didn’t believe in her capability to see it through. So she made excuses.

“I’ll be out a lot leading up to Christmas.”

“I won’t have much time.”

These may be true, but putting something off for a better time never works.

Why would she allow herself another 9 weeks of feeling anxious and depressed? Why would she allow herself another 9 weeks of eating food that makes her feel sluggish? Another 9 weeks of piling on the pounds and her body becoming more and more unhealthy and unfit?

Wasn’t her life worth more than that? Right here, right now?

Waiting is a way of hiding. Circumstances will never be quite right.

So I urged this lady to look at the real reason she wanted to postpone. In no way to pressurise but to break through her limiting beliefs. Because my goodness she deserves it. Just like you do.

If you relate – I’ll leave you with these questions…..

“Is your body, your mind, your life – not worthy of everything you’ve got? Is it not worth investing the time, money and energy right now?”

If you’re resisting and feeling icky about those questions – gently ask yourself in some quiet time….

“What is behind my resistance? Honestly. What is behind it?”….and just see what comes up.

As with this lady – and with you – James and I are always here. We don’t judge.

We just hope to help as many people as possible see their true worth. Their true power to create change.

Because that’s where it ALL starts.

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