Messing Up

It’s SO easy to fall off the wagon and feel like we’ve ‘messed up’. Especially at this time of year – when the days are darker and the weather is colder.

Not to mention Christmas drinks that seem to start mid November!

So – here’s 5 ways to stay on track…..

1. Keep off the scales!

One of my favourites. If you’re someone who gets on the scales every morning or even every other day – my advice is….Stop It.

Why? Because you’ll never get a fair reading. Every day our weight and fat percentage can fluctuate hugely.

And if you’ve gone a little crazy the day before – what good is it going to do?

I’ll tell you what’ll happen. You’ll jump on those scales, not get a good result and you’ll think SCREW IT. You’ll beat yourself up and then you’re WAY more likely to stuff your face with food and miss a workout.

Psychologically it’s a bad idea and it’s also not understanding how your body works.

So….once a week at the very most please. And make sure it’s under the same conditions exactly.

Even out those ‘bad’ days in the week and stop obsessing.

2. Plan ahead

Heard of the saying….fail to plan, plan to fail. Well it’s true.

Every week James and I will plan the week ahead on a Sunday.

What days are we socialising, what meals are we having in? What days will we drink alcohol? When will we train?

We pop these in our diary and it’s our responsibility to stick to it.

Yes they’ll be times when you have to adjust, but we automatically feel empowered and in control when we plan.

3. Make incremental changes

Don’t expect too much too soon. This is a key one to staying on track.

Much of the time we go hell for leather – believing we MUST go all in, or we’ve somehow failed. This my friends is the quickest way to fail.

My advice is to create two new habits every two weeks. Then add in a couple of new ones the following two weeks – and so on.

How would this play out in practice?

Week 1: Add in two HIIT sessions to your week, plus reduce drinking wine every night to 2-3 times a week.

Week 2: Continue with the above, but decide to plan your meals every Sunday for the week ahead and add in a gratitude practice every morning.

And on and on…..

This prevents the subconscious mind feeling that everything is happening too quickly. The tricky subconscious mind will always kick back if you are too extreme with it.

So BALANCE is key to success and staying on track.

4. Realise you WILL fall off the wagon at times

Yes – you will put on weight/ fat.

Yes you will miss the gym workouts.

Yes you will drink too much alcohol.

Yes you will stuff your face at points.

And of course you’ll feel bad about it.

But the biggest learning for me EVER is that if I let that derail me me for long, I’ll spiral out of control. It used to happen to me so many times.

Now – I accept that it happens. I am gentle and kind to myself. I don’t let my negative self talk overcome me and I begin to make the small changes again like I’ve suggested above.

I don’t go extreme – I simply DECIDE to take responsibility for changing it.

You are perfectly imperfect. And you always will be.

So quit expecting to get it bang on – every single day.

5. Celebrate what you have achieved – not what you haven’t

By celebrating what you have done – the title wins, you’ll develop a healthier attitude to yourself and life.

You have so much. You’ve achieved so much.

Focussing on what you do not have will only make you more discontent and frustrated with yourself.

Did you say no to the extra glass of wine at dinner? Yes – well celebrate it.

Did you get up at 6am this morning and do a HIIT workout? Boom – you’re winning.

Did you cook a meal last night instead of getting a take away like you normally do? Woooohoooo! High five yourself.

There we have it.

You’re doing GREAT. Take some time to acknowledge that right now.

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