Stay In Your Own Lane

Stop veering out of your lane…..

Social media gives us a moment by moment birds eye view of everyone else’s’ life.

It’s incredibly easy to think they’re doing well. Better than you.

Comparison takes hold. It causes anxiety, confusion, self loathing and frustration.

What happens next…?

You doubt your own self. Your purpose. Your journey.

Then, with an eye on what everyone else is doing that you deem ‘successful’, you sadly sway out of your lane.

You chase the next shiny promise of success.

But the reality is – you’re feeding yourself on a diet of other people’s highlight reels.

Everywhere you turn people portray what they want you to see.

For their own moment in the sun. For fame. For money.

The reason IT (e.g the latest diet or business venture) wasn’t working is because you believe what you see – rather than following the guidance of your own soul.

If you always look WITH OUT, rather than WITH IN – you will never stay focussed and committed long enough to see the fruits of your labour.

You’ll flip flap around and move further from your true self every time.


Find what FEELS right.

tay flexible, but centred in your mission.

In today’s disposable world, it takes courage and bravery to stay in your own lane. 

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