Staying Focused In Tough Times

I’m going to be straight with you.

The past week has been a rollercoaster.

Stressful to say the least.

Nothing we can’t handle – but a big fat curveball in our life plans.

So we’ve both felt emotionally drained, sleep deprived and physically low.

I wrote a post on Facebook a couple of days ago about being proud of how, even when there’s turmoil going on, I still exercise. I still lift. I eat well – and don’t turn to one of the easiest crutches of all – alcohol.

It’s the same for both of us.

And it’s hard when you’re feeling out of whack – not to go off the rails. Yes – even for us 🙂

But that’s all a side note to what I really wanted to share – and it might seem a little counter intuitive.

You see, when you’re stressed, although exercise is awesome for lifting the spirits, BE CAREFUL that you’re not overtraining.

Even though we’re sticking with our schedule, we’ve both noticed this week we have less stamina.

And less strength. It’s all a lot harder.

Emotions, stress and a lack of sleep has a nasty habit of doing that.

So – to push ourselves as much as we usually do (and can) – would be a rookie mistake.


Because on a cellular level we’re low.

The stress hormone cortisol is firing.

Putting our Central Nervous System under even more physical stress will only weaken the immune system further – when it’s trying to deal with everything else going on.

Having over trained in the past under extreme stress and personally experienced the negative implications – I recognise that my body is powerful and strong, yes. But it’s not a machine.

So if you relate to this right now, consider some self care. Exercise for sure. Keep up with the schedule. But pull it back a little.

You’ll come back stronger both physically and mentally.

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