The Inonvenient Truth

We were speaking to a lovely chap in a bar last Friday evening.

He’d overheard us talking to someone else about what we do and began asking us lots of questions.

We were happy to give our thoughts and professional opinion. As many of you know – our approach and philosophy isn’t based on fads or the latest fancy trend. It’s based on science. Research. Years of experience.

Some things are absolute TRUTHS. Facts that can’t be argued with.

Such as not all low calorie food is good for you. Low fat options are often full of sugar. You won’t lose weight unless you’re in a calorie deficit. Carbs are not bad for you. Only 1% of the UK population are actually intolerant to gluten, even though over 8.5 million have gone gluten free.

It became evident that this lovely chap didn’t want the TRUTH.

And it made us realise……not many people do.

A lot of people ask for it.

Why can’t I lose body fat from my mid section? Why can’t I stop comfort eating? Why do I have so little energy?

Yet when they don’t like the answer (i.e you drink a bottle of wine a night, you haven’t looked at your habits, you go to bed at midnight after looking at emails), it’s onto the next solution that fits better with their belief system.

Something that doesn’t rock the boat. Doesn’t require too much change. Too much work.

That’s how they get stuck.

They don’t realise that sometimes the TRUTH is hideously uncomfortable. And damn hard.

The truth of how to get to where they say they desperately want to get may require a total lifestyle shift.

Early nights. Planning meals. Less champagne. Not buying desserts. Setting the alarm early to do a workout. Managing stress. Meditating.

The truth of what needs to be done is often inconvenient.

But the rewards are huge.

A life on your terms. A sense of pride. Increased confidence.

So – we’ll leave you with a little question…

Are you hiding from a truth?

Something you know needs to be done or said in order to step into the highest version of yourself?

If so – what one thing could you commit to this week that is uncomfortable but will shift the needle to a more positive place – in line with your goal?

As always – we’re right here for you.

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