The Real Enemy

If you’re waiting for anything in your life to be perfect before you’re happy, or before you make a move in the direction of your dreams – I’ve got news for you.

It’ll elude you – forever. And you’ll become your own worst enemy.

Perfect doesn’t exist. In us. In our partners, parents, jobs, children.

There is no perfect time and there is no perfect situation.

I waited for the perfect…dot, dot, dot – until I was in my early thirties.

But I realised how much of life I was missing out on by waiting to JUMP until everything was just right.

In order to progress in life, we must try to fly before we are ready. We must accept an element of fear and doubt – and be prepared to make mistakes.

What’s worse – waiting for it all to be perfect. Or realising that years have passed by and perfect never came….?

Fly. Jump. Do it now.

Consistency is what matters. Not perfection.

Perfection will dry up your self belief and crush your creativity.

Choose to go before you’re ready and you’ll realise that’s how ‘aliveness’ is born….

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