The Scary Truth About Your Festive Drinks

It’s that time of year when most food outlets have tempting selections of festive drinks to warm you up on your way to work.

Sure, why not swap your usual small cappuccino for a big gingerbread latte. Tis the season to be merry and all that.

Hmmm maybe not….

‘Action on Sugar’ has compiled a list of the sugar content of some of the high streets’ most popular festive hot beverages and the info will shock you.

Did you know that a Starbucks large hot choc contains 23 teaspoons of sugar? Yep. 23. That’s over 3 times an adults recommended daily sugar allowance.

It’s not a surprise to us, when we work with clients one on one and get them to track their food, that all too often it’s the hidden calories – sugar in particular – in hot drinks that they’ve failed to account for.

Their eating habits might be on point but 2 caramel lattes a day is smashing in a whole load of calories and sugar they’re not even realising their consuming.

Add the tasty festive syrups like gingerbread, caramel, creme brulee etc and it gets a whole lot worse.

Remember sugar triggers your insulin response, so it’s not just the calories and sugar itself, but the hormonal response that’s also going to set your body up for holding onto fat.

What’s worth noting from the research is that the sugar content is often higher in the ‘healthy’ option…

Coffee chain dairy alternative milks (oat, almond, soya) are frequently high sugar versions, compounding the problem even further.

Quite an eye-opener for our clients.

They think they’re doing the right thing going for the oat milk latte, when in fact they’re consuming more sugar and calories than going for the dairy version.

We hate to be GRINCH at Christmas.

Enjoy the season of course, but watch the hidden sugars.

They’re a Christmas present you don’t want!

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