A Brief 38ºN History

38ºN’s journey… I’d been a fat kid, but school exercised it out of me. I played lots of sports, I had early exposure to things like circuits, weights, endurance training etc.

I kept up that training. I’ve always felt better and performed better when I’ve been looking after myself.

In 2011 although I was successful in a corporate career, I leapt…

I purchased a disastrous gym in Ibiza (another story) but had the idea of creating a different kind of fitness retreat. One with great food, where you would train, & create balance. Where I could bring in my psychology (BA and MSc), NLP and coaching alongside to enable deep change for clients. Everyone said I was crazy.

Today the model is ubiquitous!

In 2018 we launched our Academy to enable our clients to train and educate on demand, and companies found it perfect for employee wellness and loved our authentic approach.

Today we’re proud to be multiple award winners, to have a 5 star podcast. Proud to be delivering a new app encompassing mindset, coaching, habits, exercise, nutrition and accountability that will enable companies to really empower their team’s health, motivation and productivity.

It hasn’t always been easy, but seeing the results in someone’s new confidence, the achieving of goals & smiles. Always worthwhile.

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