Lockdown Gains

As we adjust to life with new restrictions I’m sure one thing many of us has noticed is not restricted is our appetite.

I for one am being tempted to snack more often, and I don’t think I’m alone.

There are a few things going on here:

– we’re under stress from the situation, our response is to fuel – favouring carbs and high energy food

– our routine is out – when you’re head down focussed on your work or parenting, generally you snack when you feel hungry. If you’re at home feeling lost, then snacking can be a time filler

– our metabolism may be playing catch up if we were more active before lockdown – I’m still training, but less than I was – by my metabolism is going to take a while to realise. The same is true if we were working more intensively, busy with kids etc

– social cues – if the tv is on, or we’re on the internet we may see food ads more than we’re used to, or even others posting about how much they’re snacking

So, if you don’t want to leave lockdown carrying extra pounds what are some good strategies?

– set a routine for each day (including meal times) and keep busy

– make sure you’re drinking enough water (2 litres a day) – you’ll be hydrated and feel more full

– prioritise healthy fats and protein at meal times to trigger the hormone leptin and feel more full

– keep moving – commit to at least 15 minutes movement a day and go as intense as you can to keep your metabolism raised

– if you were more active before think about where you can slightly reduce your calorie intake to compensate

– filter out those social cues – clean your feed, ration your tv

– have healthy snacks like raw nuts, good quality nut butter, cottage cheese on hand – ditch the processed snacks

– spend time each day centering yourself to reduce stress, focus on what you are grateful for right now

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