Burgers And Weight Loss?

Let me caveat this piece of research by saying that I don’t recommend it, but…

There are individuals that have proved you can lose weight with a diet of junk food by doing just that…

Yep, you read that right. You see if we put ourselves in an overall calorie deficit (consuming less calories than we expend) then we will lose weight.

It really is that simple, despite what the multi-million pound diet book industry and social media “gurus” would have you believe.

💥There are no shortcuts, no miracle supplements, no macros or food groups to cut, no eating in phase with the moon tricks.

If you put into your body less than you burn off, you will lose weight.

Even if you’re putting junk food in your body (I said I didn’t recommend it). 

In fact, there’s not one single scientific study that’s found being in a sustained calorie deficit leads to weight gain.

Sorry (not sorry) if that’s burst a bubble.

If you’ve been following a wonder plan handed down by generations of a lost tribe, been taking fat burning tea, or whatever. None of those things is really helping you lose weight. Being in a calorie deficit is.

Likewise if you’re trying to lose weight and you’re not, then you’re not creating a consistent calorie deficit. 

Before anyone protests about conditions, metabolism. medication etc, yes they can play a part, but if you have a condition or are on medication that slows your metobilsm it may just be tougher for you to lose weight, and you may need to create more of a calorie deficit than you think (ie the one you think you’ve created isn’t one at all).

🍔Back to the burgers and weight loss (yay!). So my point here is that being healthy isn’t just about having lower body fat, muscles, being fit, it’s also a state of mind.

If burgers make you happy, then you should eat them, within reason. Will it affect your weight loss? If you eat them all the time – yes. If it’s one a week, not really.

👨‍💼There have been multiple studies where groups have been put on calorie restricted diets. One group stays that way, the other groups are given a “Cheat” day (hate that word – but everyone understands it) where they can eat whatever they want either for the day or for one meal.

Pretty much every time the result is that that “cheat” day group get better weight loss results.

😔You see when we restrict ourselves too much from what makes us happy, we suffer.

😁Life is for living, and enjoying, and food is part of that enjoyment.

What we can do when we have a body goal is ensure we’re on track with our eating (and drinking) 80% of the time, and 20% of the time we have what we want. 

This keeps us happy, balanced, motivated, and hitting our goals. We don’t get miserable thinking we’ve been restricted, focusing on what we can’t have, craving it…

This works for us, it works for our clients. More importantly it works for the long term.

No diets. No fads. 

Move more, eat healthy most of the time, have that burger when you really want it, enjoy life and still reap the results.

Sounds good doesn’t it? It’s also totally achievable. 

If you’ve got any questions, hit me up in comments or in messenger.

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