3 Surprising Reasons You’re Not Shifting The Belly Fat

Ah the dreaded spare tire… the bane of the dad bod, the wine waist, the midlife spread…

The truth is a lot of us are just genetically programmed to store our fat around our waist, primarily on our stomach, after all, from an evolutionary view point, and practically, it’s not a bad place to put it.

However many of us aren’t thrilled to be carrying an energy store on our belly (me included) and people will go to crazy lengths in a bid to rid themselves of it (freezing fat cells, almost starvation diets, endless sit ups).
It is possible to significantly diminish the tire, if not banish it all together, but most people go about it the wrong way.

Addressing nutrition is a given, I’d hope there’s no one out there that thinks they’re going to dent their spread with a diet of donuts and fries.
There’s a saying that “abs are made in the kitchen,” and it’s true, so if you’re not creating a consistent daily slight calorie deficit, then that’s your first mistake, here are the other big ones:

Focusing Only On Your Belly & Fads
Contrary to what the ads in your feed would have you believe about electric slimming belts, crunch machines, six pack in six days, fat melting potions…. it’s just not possible to spot reduce fat by any of these methods.

While the idea of watching tv while munching popcorn as a machine magically exercises your abs into being is undoubtedly seductive, it’s sadly about as likely to work as closing your eyes and wishing really hard to wake up in Narnia.

The same goes for fat burning/destroying/eliminating/terminating supplements.

So, no fads (dietary, supplement or machine) and no repetitive endless sit up – it won’t shift the tire. Sorry. You need to create that daily calorie deficit by eating slightly less and moving your whole body to burn more calories and raise your metabolic rate. You’ll then lose fat all over, including on your stomach.

Underestimate at your peril. Stress does a lot of bad things to our body (and mind) and when it comes to the spare tire, then stress hormone cortisol can play a major role.

Sometimes the training and the diet can be dialled in, but the stress can be through the roof and hampering the body goals.

You need to do a couple of things: check you’re not overtraining (over stimulates the central nervous system) and that you’re getting adequate recovery time.

You also need to do what you can to minimise stress in your life, which is a whole other topic but there are some quick wins to reduce it.

– Wrong Workouts
Something is better than nothing, and it all helps to create that calorie deficit and burn fat BUT not all workouts are created equal.

Spending 40 to 90 minutes on the stationery bike or treadmill is not only boring, it will allow your body to adapt pretty quickly to what you’re doing.
Mixing up short intense HIIT sessions (15 to 20 minutes) with resistance training (bodyweight or gym/weights) will rocket your metabolism by comparison.

The added benefits are: less time investment, better results, building lean muscle raises the overall metabolism, and… you’ll look and feel much better with more muscle and less fat.

So, if you want to lose the belly fat, get in shape and look great naked you need to do 3 things:

– Find and follow a science based approach with proven real world results that is specifically formulated for the physical, hormonal and lifestyle challenges mid lifers face.

You need to learn how to future proof your health and dramatically improve the quality of your life without making huge sacrifices.
– Find an approach that isn’t just about exercise and nutrition. Mindset work is an integral part of lasting transformation.

You need an approach that leverages psychology and coaching to build confidence and self belief so you can finally regain control and get excited about life again.

You need practical, easy to implement tools to help you lower stress, quit the self sabotage and develop healthy habits that sustain success.
Only this way can you step into the fullest version of you.

– You need an approach that is balanced and fits into your lifestyle. There’s little point in smashing long, counter-productive workouts, or following restrictive diets that leave you hungry and miserable.

Life is about happiness as well as health and you need an approach that will allow you to achieve the results you’re looking for while still enjoying life.

No fads, no restrictive eating. Just keeping it simple and in a way that will get you feeling sexy and confident in your clothes (and naked!).
A lot of you have been asking for help so we’ve put together a 60 day transformational programme for stressed out mid lifers, that helps them lose belly fat, feel good naked and regain control of their life without making huge sacrifices.

It works because we use our science based signature method that is specifically designed for the mid life body, mind and lifestyle.

Not only will it help you lose belly fat, feel good naked and regain control of your life, the method will make you feel alive, confident and excited about the future.

In fact we’ve worked with mid lifers for years – helping them get the exact same results I’ve mentioned above.

If this sounds like what you’re looking for then click on the link below and book a time to chat with us for 30 minutes

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