Dealing With Derailing

It’s essential to have a plan when working towards your goals. Something that breaks down the overall goal “mountain” into smaller, actionable steps you can measure and with a strategy in place to hit the mini-goals on time.
Part of the planning process we talk about with our clients is having a strategy to deal with derailing – those things that come along to knock you off course.

There are two types:
– Those you can anticipate and have some level of control over
– The curveballs life throws you that you have no control over

Now we’ve recently had a number 2 (lol) as actually, most of us have with the curveball of covid.

Before we look at what to do about events out of your control, let’s look at what to do about the stuff we can control to some degree.

It could be we know we have a birthday party coming up, family event, work networking – basically something where we’re expected to eat stuff we wouldn’t normally, or drink more than we wood. It could be travel (in a non-covid world), long hours, work commitments.

What we need to do is anticipate these things and plan a strategy for dealing with them, so when they present, we’re already equipped with the solution that’s not going to take too far off our goals.

Doing things like switching gin and tonics for glasses of fizzy water in the same glass at social events, knowing the menu and the items you’ll have ahead of time if you’re eating out, planning in your time for you if you have a busy week… basically taking as much control as you can.

For the unexpected and things we can’t control…

Surrender to it. You can’t do anything anyway so don’t increase your stress levels worrying about it. It’s bound to throw you somewhat, so you connect back to your emotional goal, remember why you’re in the game, re-focus and carry on.

So, don’t let life’s curveballs throw you off. You got this. If you’d like help achieving your goals then why not book a call with Claire and I to discuss how we can help.

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