What’s Your Non-Negotiable?

This morning I was up at 5:30am so that I could be in the park streaming a live workout to our clients at 6:45am. It was pouring with rain, so yes, I got wet, I got muddy, my iPhone is sat in a plastic bag with some pouches of silica…

Did I consider NOT doing it? No. Because delivering that live workout is a non-negotiable.

When we set these we empower ourselves to do positive things.
If you want to change your body shape, your mindset, your health, it’s not always going to be easy and sometimes it’s going to be extremely uncomfortable – so much so you want to quit.

If you decide your non-negotiables in advance then you’ve already instructed your subconscious to align for your success. It might be that you’ll always make up missed workout, you won’t eat badly more than two days on the trot, you won’s skip morning rituals, you’ll limit alcohol to three times a week.

Small things with a huge impact for your overall goals.

So, what’s your non-negotiable? I’d love to hear it in comments below…

PS Please keep your fingers crossed for my phone

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