The 10 Commandments Of Fat Loss

  • Thou shalt not diet! Diets make you unhappy and set you up for long term failure – 97% of dieters regain the weight (or more) within 3 years. Yep, that’s a 97% failure rate.
  • Thou shalt not rely on supplements or wonder cures: Tempting as they may be “fat burning liquid”, “skinny sprinkles” etc won’t make a lasting impact on their own and may even harm your body. The fat loss equivalent of sticking a band aid on an open heart surgery
  • Thou shalt exercise: Most people attack fat loss solely from the nutrition side, but moving more will burn more calories and there are lots of positive benefits to exercise
  • Thou shalt massively reduce sugar: it’s everywhere, start cutting it right down to avoid the insulin rollercoaster that over time leads to increased abdominal fat
  • Thou shalt cut out processed food as much as possible: this stuff is no good, period. Cakes, ready meals, biscuits, even bread. Packed full of stuff you don’t recognise, usually high in sugar and not needed in your diet.
  • Thou shalt eat more lean protein: increasing your protein triggers your hormone leptin making you feel full sooner, so you eat less overall plus it’s great for the recovery from the exercise you’ve been doing
  • Thou shalt drink lots of water every day: our bodies are 70% water and most of us aren’t drinking enough. Aim for a 2 litre a day minimum. Often mild dehydration can masquerade as fatigue and/or hunger. Plus drinking more water will help you feel fuller as well as being great for you.
  • Thou shalt lift weights: as we age we naturally lose muscle mass and strength. Regular resistance training (bodyweight is fine) helps maintain your muscle mass, boosts your metabolism, burns calories and improves your bone density. What’s not to like?
  • Thou shalt change your beliefs and self-identity: all the above are important, but for lasting change you need to look at what beliefs about yourself could be holding you back, and look at adopting, then making your own, beliefs that will take you to your goal and keep you there.
  • Thou shalt enjoy: educate yourself on all the above and you’ll never have to diet again. Plus you can still enjoy your splurge meals, drinks, desserts etc in moderation and live a healthy, happy, balanced life in the body you deserve 🙂

If you’ve got another commandment I’d love to hear it in comments…

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