Are You Feeling Out Of Control?

These are strange times indeed, and even as some freedoms have kind of returned, we find new restrictions sprinting up. Straddling all of that is a background stream of rising infection levels across the world, new lockdowns…What we know is gone. The daily routines we lived by are gone. Hardly anyone is commuting to jobs, nor are they likely to this year, if at all ever again.
😷Masks are mandatory on public transport and in shops, how long before that is extended? How long before another lockdown? Will there be a second wave?
This isn’t meant to depress you, simply highlight the extreme levels of uncertainty all of us are dealing with in our lives at the moment. If you’re anxious, stressed, fearful even, know you’re not alone.Now is the time to take charge of the one thing you can control. You. We can’t change external events but we can control our reactions to them. We can choose a path of greater inner peace, lower stress, lower anxiety.
This is what we do, what we coach our clients to do. Getting a routine and sticking to it helps massively, it persuades your subconscious you have a level of control and helps quiet it.
🏃‍♂️Exercise helps, it’s part of the routine, has so many positive health benefits and releases feel good hormones that elevate our mood.
Most of all though, the mental reps are what transforms your mindset. Morning rituals, visualisations, affirmations… practicing them consistently will increase your mental and emotional resilience and over time, shift your mindset.
We tend to think of our thoughts as ruling us, but actually, we get to choose.
You have a choice. Choose love. Choose positivity, Choose growth.
If you’re feeling lost, out of control, anxious, then please… grab a pen and paper, start planning a routine for your day, plan some exercise, start working on your mind and watch how your life starts to change.
I’d love you to tell me one positive thing you’ll commit to this week to start the process.

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