How Can I Feel Confident About The Future?

This is a big one at the moment, the world feel very uncertain. It’s okay to feel anxious, you’re not alone. When so much is changing and in flux around you it can be very hard to stay grounded and motivated.Allowing yourself to be swept along isn’t a long term option though. As humans we have a psychological driver to feel a level of certainty in our lives, and that we are somehow in control. It doesn’t matter if this is just a perception rather than a reality. Your subconscious will thank you for letting it feel like it has some say in the game of life.

So, start with the small things. Create a routine – get up at the same time Monday to Friday, ground yourself with a morning ritual before you expose yourself to outside influences of media and social media.Set yourself some goals. They could be physical, they could be mental, or creative, but take positive action towards them on a daily basis.

The aim is to create your own sense of balance, your own reality where you can feel you are in control of some aspects of your life, rather than none.If you can incorporate exercise even better, it helps build a mind-body connection, raises your endorphin levels and has so many positive physical and mental health benefits.

This is exactly how we work with our clients, not just supporting them with workouts programmes and nutritional coaching, but on taking control, doing the mental reps, empowering them to take responsibility and build a positive mindset for the long term.

We’re so passionate about this right now we’re working on a new free 5 day challenge aimed at laying out the basics for you in one short package.
If you’d like a heads up when it’s ready, email us and we’ll let you know.

Together, we’ve got this.

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