But Eating Well Is Too Hard…

One thing we hear all the time is that eating healthy is “hard” or “takes too long” or is “expensive”.
You know what all those things are? Excuses.
Vegetables are very cheap, you can prep them and cook them super fast.
Here’s a one tray veggie meal I knocked up in under 20 minutes – veg, spices, light amount of oil and grilled.
Add a lean protein source (grilled or pan fried salmon, chicken, steak, seitan, etc) and hey presto, you have a delicious, nutritious meal that’s cheap, fast and satisfying.
This is how we coach our clients to start thinking, prepping, cooking and eating, and they love it. It’s no stretch to say the mindset work we do around nutrition coupled with the nutritional info is a game changer for them.
The best thing? They still have drinks, pizzas, birthday cake, in moderation, balancing their nutrition over the week and combining exercise to keep the results coming.
Learning this stuff is a so empowering.If you’d like to know more join our free workshop this Thursday at 7pm 🙂

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