Hitting Goals Without Big Sacrifices

I did a post last week on How Much Do You Want It, where I looked at the relationship between your body goals, adherence to diet & training and your happiness.

We’re massive believers in not making huge sacrifices food wise to get the results you can be happy with, and be happy doing it.
To recap, lockdown found me pushing towards the 17% body fat market and I wasn’t happy with it.

Have I crash dieted? Spent hours and hours in the gym? Gone teetotal? No.
For around 2-3 weeks I just took care to be a bit more mindful of my foods. I cut out processed carbs like bread, dialled back carbs a little bit (NOTE – I did NOT go low carb), ensure I was front loading them, and upped my protein slightly.

I cut down midweek drinking and especially beer. Weekends, I was still munching take-aways, nachos, margaritas….

The last 2 weeks I did the same. I haven’t been missing out on anything food wise, I haven’t decreased my overall intake, just tweaked it as above.

Training wise I kept to what I was doing and what we coach our clients to do. Short bursts of HIIT first thing around 3 – 4 times a week and resistance training around that. In the final 2 weeks, just to shake things up and shock my body I threw in a couple of short evening HIIT sessions a week.

So, to recap: that’s no major changes to my diet, still enjoying food, still drinking, not dieting, just tweaking my input with more protein, lower good carbs front loaded in the day, and stuck to what I know works training wise.

Even after a roast dinner and drinks on Saturday, come Sunday I was down at 11% body fat.

And you know what? That’s good for me. I’m happy and healthy there.
This is what we do for our clients, over and over again.

I can do it. You can do it. If you’d like to know how let’s jump on a call.


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