What To Do If Someone Approaches You With A Supplement Based Weight Loss Programme…


Seriously. These are invariably offered by multi-level marketeers or direct sales people looking to earn their commission. Think brands like Isagenix, Herballife, Arbonne…

They normally have a “30 Day Cleanse/Detox/Fat Loss” or similar which involves you investing in shakes, pills and gels.

Do they get results? Sure. Want to know why?Because they also come with instructions to move more and eat less…

Invariably you substitute main meals for the wonder shake – guess what? Calorie deficit.

These types of programme make you believe that it’s the shakes and supplements getting the results.

It’s not. If you were to mimic the calories in the programme and move more you’d lose the weight anyway. They just don’t tell you that. Why not?
Well, they want to earn their commission, and if you believe the supplements got you the results, when you put the weight back on (as you will, because you’ve no idea how you lost it so you revert to old eating patterns), you decide to do it again.

Like any businesses there are good and bad people out there, but we’ve seen so many bad…

People lying about their qualifications. People saying they’re getting the results from their brand supplements when they’re taking something else. People putting on bootcamps to sell more product even though they have no qualifications…

Please, please, please do not get tempted by these things. They are often so overpriced as well. You could buy the equivalent (and better quality) protein powder for the shakes online for a fraction of the price, buy some laxatives (yep, some programmes include those – they just don’t say that) and away you go. Don’t do the laxatives. Please.

It’s better and more empowering from you if instead of looking for a wonder supplement harvested from unicorn tears by a remote Amazonian tribe, you instead invest in educating yourself on healthy, sustainable nutrition so you can have the results for life.

Doesn’t that sound better?

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