5 Reasons Your Spare Tire Is Hanging Around

Ah the dreaded spare tire. Useful in a flat tire situation, not so useful when it’s slung around your belly.

Truth is, a lot of us (me included) are prone to holding onto fat on our abdomen. Why? Well evolutionary wise it was probably as good a place as any to store it…

Here are 5 reasons it could still be hanging around despite your best efforts at cleaning up your eating and getting more exercise:

1. You’re still eating too many calories. This is by far the most common reason. If you consistently eat more calories than your body needs, you’ll store them as fat. Start to check your portion sizes and don’t forget to factor drinks (often overlooked) into your daily intake.

2. Too much sugar. There’s loads of hidden sugars in our food, we coach clients on food label education to spot the culprits. When we eat (or drink) high sugar foods our insulin spikes and repeated spiking means we become less insulin sensitive and more prone to laying on fat… on the abdomen.

3. The wrong kind of exercise. Any exercise is good, but so many people try to spot reduce, thinking 10 minutes of crunches a day might do it. It won’t. You need to mix up cardio and resistance to up your metabolism, build lean muscle and burn more calories.

4. Stress. Yep, if your life/work/family is regularly stressing you out, your cortisol levels will be high and high cortisol levels make you more prone to holding onto body fat… on your abdomen.

5. Not enough sleep. See above. Lack of sleep equals stress, poor decision making, fatigue… it becomes a vicious circle and your body is never recovering. Aim for a good 8 hours a night.

I’d love to hear if one or more of those resonates with you.

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