Let’s Talk About Failure

We fear failure. It’s a hard wired response. Yet failure ultimately gives us our best opportunities to grow. We all fail.

Here’s the thing, failure is only failure if you let it be. If your failure is complete. When we fail, we’ve just learned a way NOT to do something. So try again a different way.

Edisson is reported to have tried 10000 time to invent the light bulb, he famously said that he hadn’t failed, he’d just found 10000 ways that didn’t work. He kept going, and today, we have lightbulbs.

I’ve failed. I’ve failed in business and had to fight so hard to scrap my way out I forgot why I was even doing it in the first place. I’ve failed in relationships. I’ve failed at plenty.

I’ve seen everyone of those failures as an opportunity to learn, to adjust going forward.

It doesn’t stop them being painful. It doesn’t stop the hurt, and it’s okay to mourn them, but don’t become attached to your failures, do not let them define you.

Step up, try again, over and over again if you need to. Be bolder, take bigger risks. Sometimes we fail because we dream too small. Dream bigger.
You see the secret to success isn’t some magical formula. It’s simple. Be consistent. Be persistent. When you truly commit, and you try over and over, then at some point you will succeed.

So don’t see failure as a sign to quit. See it as a sign to grow, to be bolder, to go harder, to win.

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