Should I Listen To My Fear?

There’s a lot of uncertainty around at the moment, and inevitably that causes anxiety and fear. We’re hard wired to seek certainty, to want to know the outcomes, it’s part of our evolutionary survival mechanism.

You see our sub-conscious always seeks to keep us safe, and for the sub-conscious safe equals familiar. This is why people sometimes stay stuck in horrible relationships, live pay check to pay check juggling bills, over eat… all behaviours that consciously they would like to alter, but to the sub-conscious, the fact that you are surviving (no matter how poor the situation) means you’re “safe”.

Right now, with all that’s going on in the world, it’s easy to fall into fear driven thinking For many of us our daily routines are gone, we have travel restrictions, work restrictions… everything we thought was solid is not.
The problem is, although our sub-conscious wants to keep us safe, as we’ve seen in the example above, “safe” can sometimes be not very good for us, and the danger is that fear makes us leap to poor decisions.

On the flip side neuroscience has shown that when we have experience, are expert in an area, often our best decisions are made from our intuition (where we access the processing power of the basal ganglia) rather than rational, logic based reasoning.

So we have a paradox. We should be listening to our intuition more, but our fear is also having a say – so which do we listen to and who’s running the show?

Well, there’s one simple tool we use, which is to step back and objectively look at the choice we’re faced with and explore whether that decision feels like it’s coming from a place of fear, or from somewhere else.

If it’s fear based then most likely it’s coming from your sub-conscious and is aimed at preventing a change in circumstances. Remember, you cannot be comfortable AND in growth. They are opposing states, and your sub-conscious will always take the path of least resistance – in other words, aim keep you where you are (no matter how much you consciously want to change).

So, if you feel fear, chances are this is a growth opportunity your sub-conscious is attempting to prevent you from taking, because it sees it as a potential threat to your survival.

If there’s something you want to change, some growth you want, and fear is holding you back, then know that’s normal, accept that fear, then embrace the change you want. This is how we grow.

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What fear could you move through this week to embrace positive change in your life?

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