Your Diet Is Pointless

A strong statement but true. I get it. You’re unhappy with the weight you’ve gained, you don’t feel good when you look in the mirror, it’s affecting your confidence, your relationships… of course you want to do something about it.

Because it’s all you know you think a diet is the answer. It’s not. You’ll end up eventually back where you are now or even heavier. Despite what the glossy blurb about what ever diet you’re considering is telling you, though you might get short term results diets have a 97% failure rate…

Making yourself miserable by cutting out food groups, starving yourself, fasting, whatever, isn’t going to fix the root cause of the problem, its only working on the symptom.

You need to work on your mindset, on your beliefs about yourself, your weight, and what you’re capable of, because this is where it starts. You need to believe you can be your ideal weight, you need to step into that person.
Then you need to start moving your body to boost your metabolic rate (not crashing it with a diet). We’re not talking hours a week, short, effective workouts that build lean muscle, burn fat and leave you feeling great.

Finally, learn about good, sustainable, healthy nutrition. Eat well, never go hungry and still watch the fat burn away.

Put all these together and you can have the body you deserve and the mindset to go with it, empowered, confident, happy and knowing how to stay that way.

Let’s talk…

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