How’s The First Week Of Lockdown Going?

We’re back in it again UK, only this time we more or less know what to expect. Does that make it better or worse I wonder?

I’m seeing a number of posts from people saying they’re already finding it harder than the first lockdown. I’m not surprised.

First time round no one really new what to expect, so there was a novelty factor, we didn’t know how long for, and it was Spring, with the weather getting brighter and warmer.

This time around we know what it’s like, we’re hoping it’s just until Dec 2nd AND we’ve got cold weather and early dark nights to contend with.

More than ever we need to start looking after our mental and physical health. Building mental resilience and a positive mindset WILL help you, not just with lockdown but in life in general.

Focusing on healthy, nourishing foods and moving your body will lift your mood, keep the excess weight off, and have you feeling better about yourself.

Tie all this together in a routine, and you’ll add some much needed structure to your life as well, and our minds love structure and certainty.

Start making time for you, and start making those small steps.

As many of you know through lock down one we ran free apps and programmes, free virtual retreats and more to share our knowledge and tips, and help bring people together.

We’re looking at what we can for this lockdown, and the first thing we’re putting together is something totally new…

Coffee With Claire & James…

This Sunday morning we’ll go live in The Midlife Mentors Community group and we’d love you to join us as we share tips, stories and answer your questions.

It’s a free group, a free session so if you haven’t already joined head on over now and ask to be let in and we’ll see you Sunday.

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