Midlifers, Does This Sound Familiar?

You feel like you’ve tried everything to lose the slowly increasing belly fat.

The new lockdown fills you with dread as you know last time you not only put on weight, you felt listless and even more demotivated than normal. 

You’ve done diet after diet, you’ve tried workout after workout.

You’re inspired to get in shape despite juggling a busy life. 

Time is an issue but you’ve tried to make time for the workouts. You’ve done the healthy eating, but you’re just not seeing results.

When you look online and see other people’s transformations it makes you feel worse, like a bit of a failure. 

You think that either they’ve cheated, or your body just isn’t performing as it should.

If you can relate to this let me shed some light on what might be happening in this situation…

  1. You’re not working out in the right way for the midlife body. With the hormonal and physiological changes taking or taken place you can’t train like you did in your 20s and 30s. You need shorter workouts and more recovery.
  2. You don’t yet have a handle on your stress. Stress hormone cortisol encourages the body to store fat in the abdominal area when it stays raised. If you’re life is stressful AND you’re overthinking you’re exacerbating the issue. Start to apply stress management techniques.
  3. Your nutrition isn’t as dialled in as you think. You don’t need a diet, you do need to increase your lean protein, lower your processed foods, lower your sugar and learn portion control for your body size.
  4. Your goals are unrealistic. Stop comparing. You’re on your own journey. Set micro goals that are achievable and celebrate the wins.
  5. You’re only focused on the external and that will only get you so far. You need to look at your beliefs to see where they’re undermining you and start building a new self-identity aligned with your goals. Then losing the fat, keeping it off, and staying fit not only becomes easy, it becomes a lifestyle.
  6. Let me know if you can relate to one or more of these…
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