What To Do When You Don’t Feel Like Doing It

We all get days like this. Days where you’re just not feeling the workout, the mindset reps… days where pancakes seem more attractive then your smoothie…

Some people will pretend this doesn’t happen. It does, it even happens to us!

What’s really important here is that you distinguish…

Are you genuinely ill, injured or run down?

If you are, then listen to what your body is telling you and take a time out for self care and recovery.


The majority of the time this isn’t the case. It’s your sub-conscious bringing up some resistance so it can ping you back to the familiar aka “safe”.

Safe but not growing. Safe but not achieving. Safe but not where you want to be.

So you skip the workout, you eat the pancakes, you miss the mindset reps. Bingo. Your sub-conscious congratulates itself. You tell yourself this is how you were meant to be, that you were just kidding yourself.

Only you weren’t!

Resistance (when you don’t feel like doing what you know you need to do) is a sign post you’re making progress.

Keep going.
Tell yourself that you’ll start the workout and see how you go. That you’ll have the shake this time, maybe have a treat later. That you’ll just write a quick gratitude list.

By doing something you’re reinforcing to your sub-sub-conscious that your new behaviour is here to stay.

This let’s it know that to move you out of dissonance it better get on board shifting your beliefs in line with your new behaviours so you can achieve your goals.

So, if you’re having a day like this, keep going! You’e making progress and even a small step is still a step.

What action can you take today to move you closer to your goal?

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