Be Honest. How Do You Feel?

Do you beat yourself up every time you go out for a beer?

Are you filled with remorse when you’ve finished that take-away?

It’s not unusual, and it’s also telling you something.

It’s telling you that you’re not happy with who you are right now, and that your life isn’t in balance.


It’s telling you there’s an underlying mindset issue.

You’re in a feast or famine, black or white, all or nothing mindset which is going to keep you locked into a cycle of failure.

You train hard, eat well, work hard, perform – you feel you “deserve” a treat.

You treat yourself and then the inner critic pipes up loud…

In your head you’ve let yourself down again.

Now it’s either back on the treadmill to punish yourself and prove yourself wrong. Until next time,

OR, you give up altogether.

It’s common. More common than you think.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

How would it feel to train hard, eat well, get results and still enjoy drinks and take-aways and being “bad” without regret?

Knowing that you’re in balance, you can indulge and relax without your results OR more importantly your self-belief being affected?

Feeling empowered and confident because you know you’ve got this?

So, how do you want to feel at the weekend?

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