The Midlife Method By Sam Rice

Some of you may have seen (and even been surprised by!) that’s there’s a book coming out called The Midlife Method. Now, we were going to write a book called The Midlife Method, but looks like someone has beaten us to the punch…

So in case you’ve found this while searching the internet, what is our Midlife Method, and what is The Midlife Method by Sam Rice?

Well our Midlife Method is an 8 week transformational programme specially designed for mid lifers (like us).

You see we don’t believe in just a diet (they don’t work long term), so our approach is based around exercise (short sessions mixing HIIT and resistance training with adequate recovery), sensible, sustainable nutrition, and most importantly, mindset.

We use our backgrounds in psychology, NLP, hypnosis, stress management and coaching to enable habit change, alter beliefs to forge a new self-identity aligned with your goal. This is the way you build sustainable change. All this is supported with a private community and regular group calls, and delivered in an app so it’s on demand to fit around your timetable (we know you’re busy).

As The Midlife Method by Sam Rice isn’t out yet, we haven’t had a chance to see it or comment on it, but it does look like it’s another diet book. 

When we’re looking to manage our body composition (not weight but our body fat levels) energy in is only part of the story, which is why moving your body (energy out) is key for long term success.

To really ensure sustainable results you need to work on your mind too. This is where our clients get amazing results, shifting their perception and instilling confidence and positivity.

If you’re looking for some new meal ideas, then I guess check out The Midlife Method by Sam Rice, but if you’re looking to get serious and develop a new winning mindset,along with a healthy, strong body without making huge sacrifices, then get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you.

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