Falling Off The Wagon…

It happens to all of us. Sometimes more regularly than we’d like.

The two most important things to do are:

1) Show yourself some self-compassion – letting your inner critic run wild in your head isn’t helping you and he/she has nothing useful to say anyway!

2) Get right back into your groove – this serves a few purposes – you’re reinforcing to your subconscious that despite the hiccup, going for your goal is your new behaviour, you’re limiting any physical impact, you’ll just feel better about thing and more importantly yourself!

Remember, just like one day of eating healthy or one workout doesn’t result in your dream body goals, one day/night of overindulgence doesn’t mean you’ve blown it either.

If it’s happening regularly then try these:

1) Double down on your affirmations to help reinforce your new beliefs (rather than “I don’t drink/eat cake/stay out all night”, try “today I choose not to….” it’s easier for your sub-conscious to accept).

2) If you’re feeling tempted, ask yourself whether you really want to do what you’re about to do and whether it’s taking you towards or away from your goal.

3) Have a routine, make plans and keep busy, boredom often leads to mischief…

4) Make plans to do something you’ll need to be on form for, ideally with a friend – like going for an early morning run – then that next drink the night before won’t seem so appealing…

I’d love to hear your hints for staying on the straight and narrow.

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