Self Doubt Is Normal

I know, you scroll through social media, you see someone, you think, “wow, wouldn’t it be awesome to be that confident and positive all the time…” or something similar.

Let me tell you a secret, chances are that person has doubt and insecurities just like you.

In fact, I know they do, because we all do, it’s part of human nature.

So it’s okay to get up some days and feel like you just can’t do it. That you don’t know why you’re even bothering.

I just want to let you know that you’re not alone.

We all fear failure.

It’s what keeps us trapped where we are. Our sub-conscious is programmed to keep us in the familiar, to avoid risk.

But you can’t be comfortable AND grow. They’re opposing states.

That’s why some days it can feel so hard.

So hard you don’t even want to start. But starting is often the hardest part of success…

So take that small step. Because over time those small steps become giant leaps.

Over time those small steps build self-belief.

And when you have self-belief you have those days where you wake up feeling confident and KNOW you can smash your day.

The more we can practice that, the more we can experience it, the better we can move towards our goals, our success.

My message for you today is that you are not alone.

Knowing that, start believing in yourself and what you can achieve.

Take that small step, make today your day.

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