The Balance Between Optimism & Realism

Bear with me on this one. I’m going to use Ibiza and summer holidays as a metaphor, it’s relevant I promise!

As some of you know prior to covid we also ran a successful fitness holiday business, with the majority of our revenues coming from the summer season in Ibiza.

Needless to say we had no summer season in 2020.

As we get the drip feed of daily briefings from the UK press about the likely lifting of restrictions it’s looking increasingly unlikely that we’ll get any form of larger gatherings, overseas holidays, events, etc, this summer.
Over in Ibiza people who depend on tourism are understandably hopeful for the summer. Putting pressure on the local government for a plan to re-open and get tourists back in large numbers.

I get it. Our business was largely Ibiza dependent. It’s okay to be hopeful. But you also have to be realistic.

Looking at the current situation and likely roadmap of restrictions easing it’s not looking likely there will me much (any?) summer season.

This is the difference between optimistic and realistic. We should cultivate a positive outlook (research shows optimists experience better outcomes), but not at the expense of reality.

I promised you a metaphor…

I see this all the time with people and their personal goals. They kind of know deep down they’re not going to get where they want to be without making some sort of change, yet…

They hope for the best. They hope that the weight might just drop of by itself.

That there will be a new miracle slimming pill, a new diet, a new workout, that might work…

That they can figure it out themselves and make the changes they need to in order to succeed (even though they haven’t managed to yet).

There is nothing wrong with positivity, but lets have realistic positivity.

If you want to be a millionaire and you’re not right now, just thinking about it and hoping won’t get you there, you need to take action.

If you want to drop body fat and be fit and healthy, just thinking you’ll do it in a few weeks yourself, when you haven’t already, is not going to get you there.

If you want a banging summer body but you’ve overeaten all winter and done no exercise, leaving it to April/May is not going to work…

Have a goal. Be optimistic. But also be realistic.

What’s an achievable goal for you by the start of summer 2021? I’d love to hear it.

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