Success Stories…

We all love a success story, and in today’s culture, we love an overnight success story. You know, that one moment, that one thing that changed everything…

Sometimes it can feel like that, BUT, it’s rarely like that in reality.
You know what gets success? Those small steps, the tiny decisions, the little things taken over and over.

Not as exciting in the telling maybe – consistent and persistent could sound a bit dull, but they’re really not.

When you’re taking consistent steps towards your goal, those steps start to feel better and better. Sometimes we just need to bring perspective on where we’ve come from to really appreciate what we’ve achieved.

This was brought home to me this week talking to a couple of wonderful clients, and made me reflect on our own situation.

First, the clients… in just 7 weeks they’ve transformed physically and mentally. Aches and pains have gone, they’re brimming with energy, enthusiastic about life and loving working out together and eating healthily, of course, still with the occasional treat.

They’re back at their weights from almost 20 years ago… they’re fitter, healthier, glowing and embracing life even more fully (because they were awesome to start with).

The most exciting thing? They acknowledge that this is just the start. That they feel so good now, they want to keep on progressing. Now that’s wonderful.

We feel so privileged that we can help people do this. Thank you if you’re reading this – you’ll know who you are.

It got me thinking about Claire and I. The trouble with consistent and persistent is, that sometimes the steps are so small you feel like you’re not moving. That’s when you double down, because actually, you are still moving.

Talking to these clients gave us the benefit of perspective. We’ve felt like we’re not moving at times recently yet…

  • Our podcast is about to hit 20k listens
  • Our inbox is flooded with people asking about retreats since the roadmap news
  • In the next few weeks we’re running programmes and workshops for three separate companies
  • We’ve got another exciting announcement we’ll make together later.

All these things didn’t just happen because of things we did in the last few days. They happened because of what we’ve been doing day after day for the last few years.

We all love an overnight success story, but the truth is that it’s more often the long road that gets you there, we just need to remember to enjoy the journey as much as getting to the destination.

So if you feel like you’re stuck, or that things should be moving faster, take heart.

If you’re taking the steps, success is coming…

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